Did you know you can download ebooks, digital audiobooks, and more through OverDrive?

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You can check out ebooks, digital audiobooks, videos, and music, all through OverDrive Media and the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC).  Click here for a shortcut to OverDrive, or visit our Research Page to find the link to the OverDrive site and help on downloading e-materials.

Having difficulty figuring it out? Call the library at (920) 685-7016 to schedule a one-on-one appointment for training on using OverDrive with your own device.

Access to Overdrive Digital Audio Books is made possible by funding from the Winnefox Library System and the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium


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Novelist Plus assists fiction and nonfiction readers in finding new authors and titles (If you like... you'll like...). Browse theme-oriented book lists, awards lists and fiction-related web sites.

Help available for this resource: online tutorials and usage tips.

This resource is paid for by Winnefox Library System with funding from Wisconsin library system aids