Educator Services

The Omro Library offers the following services specifically designed for teachers and parents who homeschool:

  • Teacher Cards have higher checkout limits, do not incur overdue fines, and provide an easy way for teachers to keep classroom materials separate from personal materials.
    • Teacher Cards are available to patrons who teach within the Winnefox service area.  This includes homeschooling parents, student teachers, daycare teachers, and teachers in public and private schools.  Teacher Cards are for curriculum-related materials only.  Patrons must have a personal library card to apply for a Teacher Card.  Personal items must be checked out on the personal library card.
    • The default loan period for most materials checked out on a Teacher Card is 28 days [loan period for DVDs is 7 days].  Upon request, this loan period may be extended at the time of checkout, at the discretion of library staff, depending on the type of and demand for items.
    • Items checked out on a Teacher Card will generally not incur overdue fines.  However, fees for lost, unreturned, or damaged items will still be assessed, and may block further usage of the card if they are not addressed.
  • Educator Collections
    • Educators may ask library staff to prepare collections of curriculum-related items by calling us at 920-685-7016, or emailing
    • Please provide the subject, grade level/age, reading level, format, quantity, and date needed, and we will collect appropriate materials for you.
    • Multiple copies of a single item may be requested.
    • Please allow a minimum of three business days to fill your request.  If items need to be ordered from other Winnefox libraries, please allow a minimum of two weeks.
    • Demand for popular seasonal books may limit the number of titles available, so please submit these types of requests early.
  • Homework Help
    • Access to a myriad of online education resources including Britannica Online, PBS Wisconsin Education, WebMATH, HomeworkSpot, Test Prep Review, and many more can be found here.