Meeting Room Policy

Meeting Room Policy

The Carter Memorial Library welcomes public use of the meeting room.

Availability and Use

The meeting room is available as a service to the community on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs and affiliations of the individual or group. The room is available during open hours. Usage of the meeting room may be scheduled before or after open hours by special arrangement.

Meeting rooms may be used for club events, classes, home schooling events, religious services, business meetings, candidate forums, listening sessions, legal negotiations, recitals, studying, group projects, etc.

Events that are disruptive of normal library operations are not permitted. The library director has the authority to issue meeting room rules and to revoke permission for use of the rooms if policy and rules are not followed. The library reserves the right to enter meeting rooms as needed to ensure adherence to policy and rules. Violations of policy and rules may result in revocation or suspension of meeting room privileges.

Rules for use:

• Individuals and groups using a meeting room must follow the Library’s Code of Conduct Policy.

• Groups are responsible for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act provisions.

• Groups are responsible for ensuring that attendance does not exceed occupancy limits.

• Individuals and groups using a meeting room are responsible for set-up and for tidying the room prior to leaving. If staff must provide cleaning services, a $50 fee will be charged.

• Hanging, tacking, and posting items on meeting room walls is not permitted.

• Reserved rooms will be held for 15 minutes beyond the scheduled start time. After 15 minutes, the reservation will be cancelled and the room will be available for use by other individuals and groups.

• Refreshments and meals may be served. Cooking is prohibited. (Cooking is permitted at library-sponsored events.)

• Alcohol use is prohibited, except in specifically approved library functions.


Nonprofit entities may reserve the room free of charge. 
For-profit groups may reserve the meeting room at a rate of $5 an hour.

Room Capacity & Setup Information

* Dimensions: 30’ x 24’

* Occupancy 46 people “auditorium” style / 24 people “conference” style

* 9 tables that are 5 feet long; 1 table that is 8 feet long

* 30 Chairs

* Projector and screen (available by prior arrangement)

* Sink in adjoining kitchenette

The Library assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents, injury, or loss of individual property in the Carter Memorial Library. 


The library provides meeting rooms as a community service and the use of a library meeting room does not in any way constitute endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs by the Library. In any public announcement, the user may not use the library’s name in such a way that it may be inferred that the library is the host or sponsor of the scheduled meeting.                                                                   

                                                                    ALDER MEETING ROOM DISCLAIMER

I hereby acknowledge I have read the Omro Public Library Meeting Room Policy and agree to abide by the same.

I understand I am responsible for:

Setting up and removing meeting-related materials and restoring the room to the order in which it was found

Any loss, damage, or destruction of Library property that occurs during or as a result of my meeting

I release Omro Public Library from responsibility for loss, damage, or destruction while I am using the Alder Meeting Room in the Library.

I understand the library provides meeting rooms as a community service and the use of a room does not constitute library endorsement of the viewpoints expressed by presenters or participants. Anyone using a room shall not publicize the event in any way that implies that it is sponsored, co-sponsored, endorsed, or approved by the library unless permission has been granted in advance by the library director or designee.

Description of organization/group:  __________________________________________________________________


Number estimated to attend: ___________

Date and Time of meeting(s):________________________    

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Print Name                                                                                       Phone

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 Revised November 19, 2018


                                                                          Library Rules of Conduct

This policy on public conduct has been created by the Carter Memorial Library Board of Trustees and its designated representatives in an effort to ensure a safe, orderly and comfortable environment in which all library patrons can use the library’s resources most effectively.

The following rules are posted for the comfort and protection of all library users and staff. Violations of the rules may result in loss of library privileges. “The library board my exclude from use of the public library all persons who willfully violate such regulation.” (Wisconsin Statures, Chapter 43.52 (2)) In addition violators may face legal action. Including possible charges of violation of municipal or sate ordinances.

The following conduct, behavior and acts are prohibited in the building:

  • Misrepresenting identity and/or eligibility for services
  • Eating food and drinking beverages in prohibited areas
  • Smoking or tobacco use including the use of electronic cigarettes
  • Possessing or using alcoholic beverages, drugs or other regulated or illegal substances
  • Possessing, carrying or using guns, knives or other weapons
  • Loitering or interfering with free passage
  • Panhandling, soliciting, interviewing, canvassing or surveying
  • Behaving in a disorderly, abusive, boisterous or loud manner
  • Harassing, fighting, bullying, threatening, physically harming, or interfering with staff or customers
  • Sleeping or napping
  • Remaining in the library after its regular closing time
  • Using cell phones, audio or personal equipment in a way that disturbs others or interferes with library service
  • Violating computer use and equipment policies
  • Damaging, defacing, destroying, or stealing library property or equipment
  • Using library restroom facilities for inappropriate purposes such as loitering, changing clothes, graffiti, bathing etc.
  • Failing to wear a shirt or shoes
  • Bringing excessive items and/or failing to keep personal belongings to one self

For our patron’s health and community’s safety the activities listed are prohibited.


Approved by the Carter Memorial Library Board February 24, 2014